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The science behind Nutrizus Tiger Milk Mushroom

Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM) is Scientifically Supported by Published Clinical Studies By


Clinical Study Summary


Investigate TMM's effects on respiratory health, immunity, and antioxidant status.


50 adults, aged 30-50, with diverse weight profiles.


Three-month study with twice-daily 300mg TMM supplementation.

Finding #1: Antioxidant Boost

TMM led to a ~70% increase in antioxidant capacity.

Finding #2: Reduced Inflammation

Decreased levels of inflammatory proteins IL-1β and IL-8.

Finding #3: Immunity Enhancement

Rise in IgA levels, indicating improved defense against infections.

Finding #4: Protection from Oxidative Damage

Suppression of MDA production, indicating reduced oxidative harm.


TMM offers promising benefits for respiratory health, immunity, and oxidative stress protection.

Clinical Study on Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerus): Impact on Respiratory Health


To evaluate the impact and effects of Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM or Lignosus Rhinocerus) (a traditional medicinal material) supplementation supplementation in improving respiratory health, immune function, and antioxidant status in human participants.


  • A cohort of 50 volunteers, aged between 30 to 50 years.
  • None had consumed TMM for at least three months preceding the study. The group was gender-balanced and showcased a variety of weight statuses, including underweight, normal, and overweight.


  • The study employed an open-label, single-arm, prospective design spanning three months.
  • Participants consumed TMM capsules twice daily, with each capsule containing a 300mg dosage.
  • Evaluations were conducted at weeks 0, 4, 8, and 12. Data on vital signs, pulmonary function, respiratory symptoms, and specific biological markers were obtained from nasal lavage and saliva samples.


  1. Antioxidant Status Improvement:
    • After three months of TMM supplementation, there was a significant enhancement in overall antioxidant status, marked by a nearly 70% increase in total antioxidant capacity.
  2. Protection Against Oxidative Damage:
    • The supplementation manifested a suppressive effect on MDA (Malondialdehyde) production, implying a potential defense against oxidative harm.
  3. Suppression of Inflammatory Proteins:
    • Levels of proteins IL-1β and IL-8, both linked to airway inflammation and respiratory symptoms, were notably suppressed post-supplementation.
  4. Boost in IgA Levels and Antioxidant Capacity:
    • TMM was correlated with an elevation in IgA levels, a crucial antibody for safeguarding the body against infections. This increase, combined with the augmented total antioxidant capacity, can potentially shield the respiratory system from oxidative stress, thereby mitigating the risk of respiratory diseases.
  5. BMI-Based Response:
    • Participants possessing a normal BMI demonstrated a more favorable reaction to TMM supplementation in comparison to their counterparts from other BMI categories.
  6. Protection against inflammation-related respiratory diseases
    • TMM supplementation showed potential protective effects against inflammation-related respiratory diseases, which is attributed to its polyphenol content. Notable improvements in lung function and overall respiratory health were associated with TMM intake.


  • TMM supplementation showcased promising results in ameliorating respiratory health, enhancing immunity, and bolstering overall antioxidant status, hinting at its potential as a supplementary treatment for respiratory ailments.
  • The study underscored TMM’s prospective value in respiratory health augmentation and general antioxidant improvement.
  • Given its efficacy, TMM could be considered a promising supplementary intervention for respiratory disease management.
The Study

DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-91256-6

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