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We have selected organic Tiger Milk Mushroom as our core ingredient


Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus Rhinocerus)

A type of mushroom that has been used throughout history, not only for culinary purposes but also for their nutritional values.

In Malaysia, Lignosus rhinocerotis (Cooke) Ryvarden or commonly known as “Tiger Milk Mushroom” is a type of mushroom.

According to old folks, this mushroom is said to grow on the spot where tiger milk falls to the ground when a mother is feeding her cubs. In addition, there is a traditional belief that Tiger Milk Mushroom is derived from tiger’s milk.

Tiger Milk Mushroom

Orange Extract


Vitamin D

Vitamin D

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Our Product Ingredients

Organic Tiger Milk Mushroom

Our Cultivation Process

The cultivation process for our Tiger Milk Mushroom

Genetic Selection

Mother Stock Culture

Development of Seeds (Spawn)

Cultivate Into Solid Substrate

Incubate In Soil
Harvest of Mature Tuber
Nutrizus process
Freeze Dry & Grind Into Fine Powder
Quality Control-Microbial Assay

Standardized polysaccharides

Nutrizus process
Quality-Control- Chemical Profiling Test (HPLC-MSMS)

Product Details & Usage

Product Details

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